Quilting a Tree Skirt

As a long arm quilter I am always up for a challenge, like when Marcia asked me to quilt her tree skirt.  I heard other quilters talk about quilting them so I knew it could be done. She embroidered on shining satin fabrics and sewed ties together from the recipients late relative.  I stitched in the ditch with Mono Poly clear thread between the ties, so it did not distract from the focal point of the skirt.  I wanted the ties to pop out and bring back memories of when they were worn.  I added a few swirls and piano keys around to finished out the quilting.  She provided cotton batting and I used red embroidered thread on the red fabric.  She received a red ribbon at the Common Threads quilt show in 2018.  Many asked about it and took pictures liking the idea of the ties being used in a quilted tree skirt.  Another great way to preserve memories.  Go create yours!

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Double-Sided T-shirt Quilts

Do you have too many T-shirts that you don’t want to part with?  Keepsake T-shirts make great memory quilts and I can turn them into a double-sided T-shirt quilt.  I use the largest T-shirts on the back and you have two quilts in one!  I cut the T-shirt’s and sew them back together to make the front side, then I cut the large T-shirts and sew them together to make the other side.  I add 100% cotton batting and quilt it on my long arm machine.  I finish the quilt with binding to secure the edge.  This is a basic throw size quilt for $250.


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Polyester Hexagons

I attend the Common Threads Quilt Guild and at a meeting, a lady brought in this hexagon marquise quilt top and all the hexagon pieces to finish it.  She said she started it a long time ago and was not going to finish it and wanted to give it away.  I gladly accepted the challenge.  The hexagons are from polyester and sweater material, meaning very unstable and stretchy.  If you look closely at the last row of blue you would find where the next row would start, but I had no intention of finishing it in the normal fashion.  I decided to place the quilt top onto a piece of white fabric, quilting around each hexagons to attach it to the white background fabric.  I then quilted a digitized design in the white with a light blue colored thread.  This was the quickest way to finish it.  Polyester is very heavy making this quilt great to snuggle under.  I plan on showing the lady how I finished her quilt and see if she wants it back.  I like to try new ways of finishing quilts and making memories come alive. If you have a project you don’t want to finish in the traditional way, then think outside the box.

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Happy Birthday Brother!

My younger brother Mark, likes wolves and when I found this panel I had him in mind.  Panels are sometimes not straight and can make it difficult to cut apart.  I left the panel as one unit then I added gray fabric to the top and bottom of the panel.  I finished the quilt with a brown border.  I am making quilts around the size of 50×70, a nice couch size quilt.  On this quilt, I added two layers of batting behind the panel to make the animals pop more.  I quilted an edge to edge design, while cropping out the circles and free hand quilting in the circles. I have made a list of people I have not made quilts for and I am marking them off.  So my brother told me I could mark him off my list!

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Elephants all week long…

A dear friend asked me to make a baby quilt with the theme of elephants and in the colors of purple and gray.  Some months earlier, I had purchased seven tea towels at a garage sale that were hand embroidered elephants with the days of the week.  I thought they would be perfect for this baby quilt.  I cut a rectangle from each towel, added gray sashing, then purple borders.  I embroidered one elephant to balance the quilt top.  I free hand quilted the piano keys on the purple and swirls around the elephants and her name.  I added a sleeve on the back so she could hang it in her room. So adorable!


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Quilting with Fleece – Three of Three

A simple quilt made of two layers of fleece with no batting.  Quilting was with gray Omni thread and digitized Edge to Edge Daisy design by Deb Geiser.  It is lightweight and very soft and warm.  The double sided fleece can be a challenge to square up.  I added black binding around the edge instead of the typical tied edges.  It was fun and easy and I hope you give fleece a try on one of your quilt projects.


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Quilting with Fleece – Two of Three

This quilt has fleece on both sides of the quilt.  I bought yellow 60 inch wide fleece from Jo-Ann’s.  The quilt top is made by cutting a wide strip of yellow fleece, then a strips of Batman flannel, then strips of black cotton fabric, and sewing them together.  The length is 50 inches.  I added Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting in the middle.  I quilted the digitized circle design by Nancy Haacke with black Omni thread.  For a personalized touch I added an embroidered name square in the middle after quilting.  I would use fleece on both sides again, but the 100% cotton batting makes the quilt very heavy.


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