Polyester Hexagons

I attend the Common Threads Quilt Guild and at a meeting, a lady brought in this hexagon marquise quilt top and all the hexagon pieces to finish it.  She said she started it a long time ago and was not going to finish it and wanted to give it away.  I gladly accepted the challenge.  The hexagons are from polyester and sweater material, meaning very unstable and stretchy.  If you look closely at the last row of blue you would find where the next row would start, but I had no intention of finishing it in the normal fashion.  I decided to place the quilt top onto a piece of white fabric, quilting around each hexagons to attach it to the white background fabric.  I then quilted a digitized design in the white with a light blue colored thread.  This was the quickest way to finish it.  Polyester is very heavy making this quilt great to snuggle under.  I plan on showing the lady how I finished her quilt and see if she wants it back.  I like to try new ways of finishing quilts and making memories come alive. If you have a project you don’t want to finish in the traditional way, then think outside the box.

About Quilting by Martha

Around the Vine Quilting Studio is a smoke and pet free computerized quilting studio located in Fairland, Indiana. I am experienced with many styles of quilting and welcome you to contact me for more information about my quilting services.
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