I quilted that out!

I purchased this stained, hand pieced red and white quilt top at a local flea market for $12.  The quilt top had holes, different shades of white fabrics and did not lay flat, but I could see the finished look.  I love to take old quilt tops and bring them alive with various types of quilting.  This one needed lots of small quilting to flatten down the unevenness.  I could not find the name of this pattern, but many  saw turtles, geometric design and birds.  I had a book that had a fish pattern in a circle and I thought it looked close, so I decided they were fish.  I loaded the quilt top on my Handi-Quilter frame and could immediately tell I had my work cut out for me because the quilt top was very wavy.  I thought this would be a perfect time to learn free-hand quilting.  I first basted the quilt down and started with red thread to create the fish.  I quilted gills and eyes on the fish.  I then quilted with off white thread double circles on the cream/white and beige fabrics to matte down the quilt top and to give it a continuous look instead of drawing the eye to all the different shades of white.  It was a lot of fun! I love this quilt! After it was quilted I was told the pattern is doves.  I see fish, what do you see?


About Quilting by Martha

Around the Vine Quilting Studio is a smoke and pet free computerized quilting studio located in Fairland, Indiana. I am experienced with many styles of quilting and welcome you to contact me for more information about my quilting services.
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