Uniforms made into a memory quilt!

I made this quilt from uniforms worn by Garnet Wagoner that he wore while working at Eli Lilly corporate center in Indianapolis. All the greens went well together and the outer border was made from his work pants. I put my heart and soul into this quilt because I think the world of Garnet. I custom quilted it leaving his name tags on his uniforms and even leaving the pockets open by not quilting them closed. This is one of my favorite quilts I have ever made. He received it for Christmas 2019. After he received it he called me to personally thank me for making it. That is his generation because they would say thank you or send you a card.

About Quilting by Martha

Around the Vine Quilting Studio is a smoke and pet free computerized quilting studio located in Fairland, Indiana. I am experienced with many styles of quilting and welcome you to contact me for more information about my quilting services.
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